Does your sales page suck?

"Discover how to Double, Triple ... Even Quadruple Your Sales and Income Without A Click of Extra Traffic ... Guaranteed!"

You're Leaving A Ton Of Money On The Table! Cash In On The Dozens Of People That Leave Your Site Before They Buy ... Every Single Day, By Finding Out Exactly What They Want To Hear, And What Turns Them Away. It's Way Easier Than You Think ...



This is NOT a course or ebook. It's a new, super, simple software that tests and transforms each element of your site so it converts as many of your window shopping visitors as possible into fully paying customers.

Leave the guessing games and incertitude to your competitors and know without a shadow of a doubt which version of each element on your sales page pulls in the most cash and which need to be changed.

  • Is your NEW headline better than the old one ?
  • Should you change your layout or keep it like it is ?
  • Are your fonts suited to your visitors ?
  • Do your free gifts pull in sales or push people away ?
  • Do your graphics increase or decrease sales ?
  • Is your call to buy strong enough or too strong ?

... test anything you want!

In less than 9 minutes, you can push your sales page on the NO speed limit testing track and tune up your sales pitch until it sucks in orders like a nude waitress in a male monastery.

Finally, you have total ascertainment if the great site improvement idea you are wondering about pulls in more cash or actually costs you money if you visitors hotfoot on their browser back button when they see it.

You will never suffer from delays by software traffic jams because the software is as easy to upload and use as the web page you already manage.

... there are No Tech Or Programming Skills Needed!

Permanently boosts your profit month after month and year after year, without any increase in traffic and without you having to spend a single dime!

Keep reading and discover how easy it really is to double your income - or more in as little as two days ...

- Kristjan Gudnason

From: Kristjan Gudnason
Date: February 27, 2005
Time: 10:34 am

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

You're about to discover how to crawl into YOUR visitors mind, test to discover what on your sales page turns them on and what pushes them a way.

You may have countless ideas for improvements to your sales letter. But it is nothing but a guessing game - without a substance - unless you test it thoroughly with YOUR own visitors on YOUR own sales page.

Asking your prospects what they think would induce them to buy is hopeless because 95% of the selling process takes place at the subconscious level. They must vote by their action NOT their word.

You can spend bunch of money one all kind of marketing information which may help you to gain traffic to your site. But you never make good money, no matter how much traffic you receive, unless you have a effective sales letter that converts your tire kicking visitors into fully paying customers.

And NO information will ever make drastic improvements to your sales letter because nobody knows what YOUR visitors crave for unless you test it on YOUR site.

But you are NOT a looser even if your pitch sucks. Because ...

Nobody Gets Their Sales
Letter Perfect The First Time.

The best copywriters in the world will tell you that for each day they spend on writing the actual sales letter they spend three days in testing and tweaking it.

Right now, you probably need 100-300 visitors to drag in just one, single sale.

You know it better than anybody how hard you have to work for your traffic and how much it sucks to have most of it go to waste when so few people buy. It's like having a packed restaurant and only one person placing an order.

Very frustrating, isn't it? I'm sure it is.

You have no doubt pretty good product and sell it at competitive price. So that can't be the reason for the poor selling.

... So you know that it must be your sales letter that sucks!

And you know it needs improvements but you may be put off by the fact that you've already made several attempts to increase the responses with no results.

This is where you differentiate between marketing experts generating great bank bursting sales letter and a internet marketer want to be who stays in his day job for the rest of his life. Because ...

Minor Changes In Your Sales
Letter Can Burst Your Bank Account ...

Marketing experts have found a way to to tweak and twist small elements on their site and test beyond doubt with their own visitors if these changes are for the better or worse.

And the payoffs are eye popping ...

  • Changing Your Headlines - alone can boost your sales by 1900%
  • Good Opening Paragraph - could increase your income by 420%
  • Right Text And Background Colors - could catapult your profit by 64%
  • Right Layout And CSS - may fly your site on a 157% sales increase
  • Free Gifts - can improve your sales by 92% or decrease it by 74%
  • Picking The Right Price - can suck in 134% more cash
  • Seductive Call For Action - will easily pull in 277% extra sales.

The problem is that without the right tools (notice that I did NOT say knowledge), you have no quick way of knowing if the changes you make are for the better or worse.

It's not fast enough or accurate enough to use your server's stats and manually count your sales before and after you make the changes.

And There are also too many external factors that interfere.

You've probably often wondered what was going on when on a low traffic day your sales where rolling in and then an other day when you traffic was up there was no sale.

It's strange isn't it? But it often happens and there are several reasons for it.

It may be ...

  • the day of the week, (some people buy on weekends other on mondays )
  • the time of the month, ( some people buy in beginning other in the end)
  • different kind of visitors from different affiliates or search results

... or million other things interfering with how good or bad your sales are.

How can you then know for sure if the changes you made caused your sales increase or decrease or if it is just a natural swings caused by external factors?

This Is The Million Dollar Question
And Here Is The Million Dollar Answer ...

Imagine if you could put your sales page into a isolated testing lap!

Imagine if you could eliminate all the external interference and show both the old and the new version of you site to the exactly same kind of visitors at the same day and week and at the same time of the month from the same traffic source.

And if you could easily track how many sales each different version of your site pulls in.

Then you knew without a shadow of a doubt which of the changes you make will increase sales and which will make your pitch worse and cost you money in lost sales.

... This is actually possible!

And this is the method that the great marketing experts some of them making as much as $ in a single day (yes that's one million dollars) use.

It's called split testing because you split or divide your visitors between two or more versions of your sales letter. Each visitor only sees one version. And the version that generates more sales is obviously better than the others and is used from then on.

... it couldn't be simpler!

Split testing, however had one big foul to it ...

The Testing Game Used To Be Monopolized!

All the big name internet marketing gurus know that this is the quickest method you'll ever find to improve your sales letter. Because different customers need different pitch and layouts and there is no way to know for sure what will work unless you test it with YOUR own customers.

This is the secret behind the success of the top class copywriters like Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham and Michel Fortin and their amazing sales letters that often convert 4%, 14%, or even 47% of their visitors into customers.

... Imagine having almost half of your visitor buying!

The problem used to be that you need an outstanding testing software to get accurate, reliable results .

And until recently only the top class copywriters, who had the money to buy and the time and skills to install and use expensive complicated testing programs, could benefit from this fantastic method.

The good split testing software are sold for as much as $599.99. And you have to figure out or pay someone to install and use them.

Or you may have to put out as much as 5 cent per visitor if it's hosted on a different web site. It's the same as you pay for your Google advertisements.

Could you afford that? I don't think so.

And as profitable the split testing method is ...

Bad Testing Program
Makes Things Worse Not Better ...

Of course there are cheaper software available but most of them have several serious faults to them.

  • It takes and rocked scientist to install them
  • You need a Doctor in business to understand the outcome
  • The results are as inaccurate as your local fortune-teller
  • You can't test half the things you would like to
  • They screw up your search engine listings
  • You site and url will look spooky to your visitors and scare them away

Plus, if you make any profit their repeated cost will eat it up alive!

I my self was burned by many of these software

That is the main reason why I took things in my own hands and developed a simple to upload and use, accurate split tester that anybody can use to test and transform their site to swinging profit!

Introducing The A-B-Split-Tester!

Finally A Split Testing Software That Is Simple Enough For Complete Novice And Yet Comprehensive Enough To Suit Professional Copywriters. Have Your First Test Ready In 9 Minutes Or Less And Multiply Your Sales ... In As Little As 2 Days!

... and it won't burst your budget!

In a glimpse of an eye you know which version of your sales letter is the best and never have to shuffle through complicated diagrams or pages of reports.

Thank You Note From A Professional Copywriter:


Kristjan, I tried your split-tester and it's awesome, one of the best I tried so far.


I love the fact that it's so simple - Everything is on
the same page, and you can split test up to 30 pages by clicking just
one button.


It does everything I need to do and even takes into account no-cookie sales by listing them seperately.

Without much effort, this script has taken websites from 0.4% in
conversion to over 1.6% and climbing
- It's fast, easy and I can test everything from simple A/B split testing to full blown taguchi tests with my own Taguchi software. I love it!


Erik Mulder

Your visitors has NO idea, they are being tested because they only see one version of your site and the url looks exactly the same as now. (

If they return to your site or hit reload they always get the same version of your sales letter. So you can be sure to receive accurate results from your split testing and you'll never be accused of doing anything dubious.

You need NO programming or copy writing skills to transform your ugly duck sales letter into a golden hen. Because everything is as easy as managing your current site.

And I can even prove this to you.

Lets take a new headline test as an example ...

You take your old sales page and rename it page1.htm. Then you make a copy of it that looks exactly the same except for the different headline. You save this new version of your site as page2.htm and ...

Push one button ... and your test has begun!

The Simple Split Tester
Does Everything For You.

It shows every other visitor the content of page1.htm (with the old headline) and every other visitor the content of page2.htm (with the new headline).

Then it counts how many of your visitor goes to page1, how many goes to page2 and how many sales each page generates. The page generating more sales has better headline.

Here are real results from a real test.

See how self-explanatory they are ...

Split Testing Results:

Page 1 has been visited 2321 times and resulted in 11 sales, which represent a conversion ratio of 0.47%.

Page 2 has been visited 2320 times and resulted in 24 sales, which represent a conversion ratio of 1.03%.

Your results indicate that Page2 is most effective

The page with the best conversion ratio is highlighted!

There is no doubt that the content of page2 is better.

On the real test results pages, the blue Page 1 or Page 2 trackers have link on them to the original content so if you've forgotten which version of your site it is, you can simple click on it and check it out. You don't have to remember million things.

As you can see the results couldn't be clearer. Even if you test up to 30 different things on 30 different pages, the split tester always highlights the best page and ...

In A Glimpse You Know
What's Working And What's Not.

You just saved me about 12 million hours worth of work!


It's EXACTLY what he wanted to see. And as your readme says, it took 9 minutes. And I know jack-crap about web design.


Brilliant script. Best I've found in a very very long time.


James Dee
- New Jersay

And that's not all.

Popping up a new test takes less than 9 minutes so each time you launch a new site you can also test that site to death WITHOUT wasting any time or paying repeated cost. Because the tester is YOUR property for as many of YOUR sites as you want.

You simple upload three small files to YOUR own server (the same way as you upload your current html pages) each time you want to improve a different sales letter without paying a dime.

It's like a pop-up-camper, you can take with you anywhere you want to test a new site and pop up a new test up in less than 9 minutes.

Actually it only takes ...

3 Quick Steps To Start
A New Split Testing Project:

Step One - When obtaining the A-B-Split Tester, you download three files (index.php, results.php, complete.php). Upload these files to your web server in the same way you upload your current web pages.
(This step 2 minute)

Step Two - Open your "Thank you page" in your html editor (the page where customers ends up after completing an order) and paste a simple code into it between the <body> and </body> (where the text is) tags and upload it to your web server. The code you paste is ...

<iframe frameborder=0 width="1" height="1" src="complete.php"></iframe>

(This step 3 minutes)

Step Three - Rename your sales page => page1.htm Make the changes you want to test on it and save it as => page2.htm. Upload both pages to your web server.
(This step 4 minutes)

Total: 9 minutes

Once you've the tester uploaded and ready on your site, you can test different things by repeating only step three and change the content on page1.htm - page30.htm and clicking one button. This only takes few seconds.

And the best part is that even if this amazing tester is simple enough for beginner, It's ..

Loaded With Functions Suitable
For Professional Copywriters!

As you see, installing and using the A-B-Split-Tester is as easy as managing your current site. You don't have to have any programming skills, know about changing files permission, or uploading delicate cgi scripts.

Nevertheless, it's loaded with features that are included only in complicated split testing software sold for $400.00 - $600.00.

It doesn't matter how skilled you are as a copywriter, you can test what ever you want using this simple software.

You can test up to 30 different version of your page at the same time and change anything you want on them.

This means that you can use the tester for the highly advantaged testing technique like the Taguchi technique, which is practiced and blessed by all the best professional copywriters today.

The simple a-b-split-tester will grow with you as you develop your copy writing skills and you never have to buy an other testing software again.

To Put It Simple,
The A-B-Split-Tester ...

  • Gives You Self-Explainable Results - You know in a glimpse of an eye if the changes you make are for the better or worse and can immediately implant them to generate more sales and profit.

  • Is Suitable For NO-Geek Novice - You can have your first split test up and running in less than 9 minutes with NO programming skills, without hiring an expensive programmer to set anything up for you.

  • Generates NO Suspicion In Your Prospects Mind - Your web page looks totally normal to your visitors so they read your sales letter with the ease that everything is general and keep the trust they need to have in you to place an order. They gently float into your order page.

  • Provides A Search Engine Friendly Site - There are NO coding or spooky scripts which block you from the search engines. Therefore, you can use the split tester on any kind of site without worries about loosing search engines listings.

  • Delivers The Same Content To Repeat Visitors - Which ensures that the test results are accurate and makes it possible for you to test delicate things, like prices for example, where you wouldn't want your visitors to know about both versions.

  • Gives You The Possibility To Test Anything On Your Site - So you NEVER have to end up frustrated over a software that doesn't support the test you wanted to do. It always takes you where you want to go.

  • Tests Up To 30 Different Versions Simultaneously - So you can make more comprehensive tests and use advanced techniques to improve your sales letter way quicker than if you always needed to test one element at the time.

In as little as two days you can take your poor performing sales letter and transform it into a profit powerhouse that can makes your dreams come true what ever they may be.

And these are not just empty claims. Because ...

I Do NOT ONLY Put My Money
Where My Mouth Is But Also My Time!

This is not a balloon that will blow up in your face.

This is a permanent marketing strategy because once you improve your sales letter it keeps on pulling in sales day in and day out. Month after month, year after year without you ever having to work on building a traffic to it again.

This sounds like something you would like to do doesn't it? I'm sure it does.

But you are probably wondering if this really works for you on your site. You are probably thinking if YOU can really multiplied YOUR sales in only few days by applying small changes to YOUR own sales letter.

... And You Will. I guarantee, you will !

Because, you are most likely not really twisted about the small investment in the split tester because it's cheap but more about wasting your money and precious time on something that might not pay off. You have no way of knowing until you try it.

That's why a money back guarantee is not enough.

Simple money back guarantee wouldn't give you your time back. And that's why I guarantee your time.

I guarantee that you get your tester up and running and cash in the fattest check ever, or I'll personally make sure you do it ... for free, with ...

... Threefold Total Success Guarantee!

Guarantee 1: Installing and easy to use guarantee
Uploading and using this simple tester is as easy as tying your shoestrings. You do it in less than 9 minutes. If you have any problems, I'll get the program up and running for you for FREE!

Guarantee 2: Sales increase success guarantee
Try out new things and test them. If you fail to dramatically increase your sales, I'll personally guide you to test to improve your sales letter and multiply your profit, for FREE!

Guarantee 3: 100% money back guarantee
Try the fantastic a-b-split-tester for a whole 90 days and If you are for any reason not totally thrilled with it, just send me a short email and I'll refund your order immediately!

Finally, there is no need for doubt or hesitation because you can rest assure that by using this simple but yet function filled tool, you will multiply your sales and profit and before you know it ...

You Are At The Top With The Big Boys!

Because by cashing in on your visitors who before would have left you without buying will NOT ONLY generate more cash today.

It opens up a totally new realm for generating NEW money filled traffic to your site.

Finally, you can bid for the big traffic keywords in the pay per click engines that used monopolized by the big marketing boys i because now your sales letter converts that traffic into cash like their does.

There are hundreds of highly skilled affiliates, who recognize a good sales letter when they see it. They would love to promote your good quality product and generate free, effortless sales for you ... they just won't do until your sales letter converts better!

Within just few short weeks you may find your sales multiplied not only with the rise in conversion of your current visitors but also by the additional load of traffic you receive from your automatic affiliate sales team, which is motivated by your new selling power.

And it isn't just your advertisements or affiliate traffic that you benefits from. Any new marketing strategy you apply is infected by the snowball effects when your improvements in your sales letter multiplies the cash flow of any traffic to your site.

Because In business there is nothing in between ...

You Are Either Gaining
Cash Or Loosing Money ...

I write to tell you about the amazing success I have had using your split testing software.


I have a page selling eBooks which converts at .96% with Google Adword campaigns.


I commissioned a writer to try to improve the conversion rate to
2%. The cost was $250 and guaranteed reaching 2% but how was I going to
prove it?


Using your A-B-Split-Tester to test the old page and new page I was able to
see the new copy converted and 1.36%. The copy writer made some adjustments and the conversion rate went down to 1.05%. I was disappointed but at least we knew what didn't work! After a further 5 tests we managed to hit the
magic 2% (well 2.13% actually)


All this was achieved within just two weeks of testing and my profits have been.

I used spend $80 on Adwords campaigns for this eBook and sold 5 books at $19.95 a day. Sales $99.75, profit $19.75, profit margin 20% Now I spend $80 on Adwords campaigns for this eBook and sell 11 books at $19.95 a day. Sales $219.45, profit $139.45, profit margin 64%


I used to make $20 a day from this product, but with hardly any effort on my part now make $140. Do the math, that's 7 times what I used to make or, $51,100 against $7,300 per year.


I don't really need to say anything else do I. I am ecstatic about your


Richard Cussons
- London


Each and every month, you are loosing out on hundreds of people who come to your site and are dying to spend their money on product like yours.

Each and every day there are bunch of eager to buy visitors leaving you and running to your competitions because their sales letter is more appealing to them than yours.

Imagine even if it was only two or three sales a day you lost to your competitor because they took the time to split test their site but you didn't,

... how much money would you be loosing in a month ?

I can promise you, far more loss than your one time investment for the profit pulling a-b-split-tester (It's actually way too cheap).

If I was as impertinent as most other programmers, who like to take advantages of your situation, I would sell this great software for $499. And I might actually do that if my devilish nature brakes out.

But I Say, NO, NO, NO ...

...There Is NO Time To Be Greedy!

Instead, I'm going compete in price with the lousiest cheapest split testing software on the market the kind that could to cost you dearly in search engine placements and inaccurate testing results.

But, I'll still give you all the function and features of the best split testers on the market.

Soon I'm going to test $99 and even $149 and if that's profitable for me, I'll keep the higher price.

But if you act quickly, you can get this easy to use, simple to upload and loaded with professional functions split tester that multiplies your money in only few days for only $39 and not penny more.

So jump aboard and download the a-b-split-test now before I come to my Senses and rise the price. Because ...

The World Is Yours
For A Taking ...

Every day, all year around, there are dozens of people who leave your non appealing sales letter without placing an order and go straight to your competitors and buy from them.

These are customers already waiting at your desk pulling up their wallet and all you have to do is reach out your hand and take their money. But you have to do it the right way or they'll leave you.

In less than 9 minutes you can start cashing in on these people by testing and tweaking your sales letter by what exactly motivates them to buy and what pushes them away, using this extremely simple and easy split testing software.

It's like wiretapping their internal dialog.

There are ...

  • NO programming skills or talents needed
  • NO complicated scripts to manage
  • NO databases to set up
  • NO permissions to change

Only the simple skills you already use to upload your current site.

In only few days you can have your visitors, who before would have hotfooted away from you, fight to get into your order page like flies on a shit pile.

No other marketing strategy works that quickly without you having to spend a single dime or needing to receiving one click more to your site.

Like magic, all other marketing effort become easy and effortless because finally your sales page can converts traffic into cash like professional sites do.

This motivates your affiliates to send you visitors, makes it profitable for you and them to bid for high traffic key words and excites you to generate more traffic.

You are NOT JUST tapping up your sales to receive a few dollars more in the end of the month. You are transforming your small web page into a real, solid business that generates heavy cash flow for years to come.

But this all starts with your first split test so if you are ready ...



- Kristjan Gudnason


Remember that using the simple split tester there are NO programming skills or talents needed, NO complicated scripts to manage NO databases to set up and NO permissions to change. It's as simple as managing your current web pages. Nothing more.


Not only is the a-b-split-tester money back guaranteed, I also guarantee that you'll get it up and running in 9 minutes or I'll do it for you And that you'll dramatically boost your sales by changing your sales letter or I'll personally help you to do it.


Remember that every other marketing strategy requires you to get more visitors to your site and most of them require you to spend bunch of cash. Using the a-b-split tester, you multiply your profit without a click more in traffic and without spending a single dime.

Your A-B Split tester is the perfect solution to my problem!

You see, I started selling my 2nd edition to a Beginning Bodybuilding book.

My copywriter told me that he "lives and breathes" by the conversion ratio. If it came down to me hand calculating the number of visitors to each page and sales, then that would have to be done.


And don't even get me started on if those visitors are unique!


Then somehow, I stumbled across your site via recommendation in a copywriting board.

And upon installing the software, which took no more then 10 minutes, I now have a bullet-proof system in place that is working every single day, 24x7, letting me know my converstion ratio at any given time. Real-time!


It makes my copywriter nuts that I can tell him I'm falling below a 1% conversion rate and such and such a time and date. I've paid for plenty of programs and did what they claimed. And I've paid for a few that were not worth it.


Your program is worth $67 at least. Probably more.


Without the converstion ratio, you really can't do much to improve the site. Having this software is absolutely amazing and I cannot thank you enough.



Marc David




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